Lesson 6 Parting Is Such... 
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※ビニェット、Words and Phrases、Word Watch、Daily Exercise の中から私自身の復習を目的として、単語やフレーズをを選んでいます。◆の内容は、杉田先生やハワードさんの補足を書きとったものや、Daily Exercise の例文などです。誤記などのお気づきの箇所については、ご自身でご確認をお願いいたします。


Lesson 6 Parting Is Such... 別れはかくも

hear something over the office grapevine 社内のうわさで・・・を耳にする 社内のうわさで・・・を耳にする ◆He heard an amazing story through the grapevine [rumor mill].

Spill  《口》白状しろ。話してよ。

amicable  友好的な、円満な

parting of the ways  離別、(行動を共にしてきた者との)分かれ目 ◆part ways 分かれる Company X and its main supplier have decided to part ways at the end this physical year.

something tells me  ・・・という気がする、おそらく・・・だろう

happy camper  《口》満足している人 ◆Our boss was a very happy camper with sales up 15% last quarter.

downright trashy  《口》実にくだらない、まったくクズ同然の

be a bit much  少々度が過ぎる ◆Her outfit was a bit much too much flashy outfit for the business conference.  

self-centered and unprofessional  自己中心的でプロとしてふさわしい

give a parting shot  捨てぜりふを吐く

exit  出る、立ち去る ◆In case of a emergency, please exit the building by the stairs, not the elevator.

grandstanding  スタンドプレー 

get mixed reactions  賛否両論の反応を得る ◆The proposal got mixed reactions. Some people thought it was highly innovative. Others said it was too risky.

chuck it all  何もかも投げ出す ◆chuck(=throw away, get rid of) She chucked the magazine into the waste basket. ◆She chucked the bad chicken in the trash. ◆chuck(=throw, toss) She chucked the flash drive into the drawer.

attention-grabbing  注目を集める、目立つ

let the emotions get the better of them  感情に流されるままにする

cathartic  精神浄化作用のある、カタルシスをもたらす

long-term repercussions  長期にわたる(悪)影響

pull a stunt  ばかな[ばかげた、危ない]ことをする ◆If you ever pull stunt like again, you are fired.

reach the boiling point  我慢の限界に達する

achieve critical mass  臨界量[点]に達する、(あることを行うのに)必要な量に達する

breeding ground  (悪いことの)温床、繁殖する所 University campus could
be a breeding ground for political activism. ◆An unclean desk might be a breeding ground for germs.

shoddy  ひどい、不当な ◆This report is really shoddy. The writing is terrible and some of the data is wrong.

bottle up one's feelings  感情を抑える[押し殺す] ◆She'd bottled up her anger so long. She suddenly yelled at a coworker.

transparent environment  透明性のある環境

get back at  仕返しする ◆She criticized my proposal just to get back at me for disagreeing with her in a meeting.

as old as the hills  《口》とても古い  
new element in the equation  考慮すべき新たな要素  ◆A tax account might say the new element in the equation this year is the recently introduce tax credit for children under sixteen. This will significantly reduce your burden.

outlet  ◆Writing or painting can be good outlets for creativity. ◆Exercise can be a good outlet for stress.

go quietly (=)take something lying down  ◆The union refuse to take the pay cut lying down an threaten to strike.

rancorous  恨み[敵意]のある

word can quickly spread to  うわさは・・・まですぐに伝わる[広まる]

hurt someone’s future job prospects  (人)の将来の就職の見込み[可能性]を低くする ◆The president downplayed prospects for a deal on tax cuts.

go public  (情報などを)公開[公表]する ◆The former executive decided to go public with his accusations of insider trading. ◆上場する The company share price has risen 20% since it went public six months ago.

score high marks  高い評価を受ける ◆Voters gave the ruling party high marks for its recent tax cuts. ◆Company X is always gotten high marks for its customer service.

in a worst-case scenario  最悪の場合(には) ◆In a worst-case scenario, the company Y will have to shut down its computer division.

be construed as  ・・・と解釈される、・・・と見なされる ◆The finance minister’s remarks were construes as supporting a stronger yen. ◆Her joke was unfortunately construed as racist.

libel  文書ひき、名誉毀損

wind up in court  法廷に立つこと[はめ]になる

tell off  《口》・・・をしかりつける、・・・を非難する ◆He told her off for being careless with important documents. ◆She told him off for his table manners.

better still  もっといいのは(=)even better 

take leave of  辞める ※フォーマルな言い方 ◆Several of the president’s long time staff took their leave this week.

crucial test  重大な試練

sense of self  自意識、自己意識

give someone ample notice  (人)に十分に前もって知らせる(⇔)give someone short notice

give someone a license to kick back and relax  (人)にゆっくりくつろぐことを許す ◆license 立場 資格 Supervisory position is not a license to be rude to other people in the office.

What goes around comes around.  (ことわざ)自分が(他人に)したことは自分に返ってくる。因果は巡る。



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