Lesson 21 Silly Questions, Smart Answers
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※ビニェット、Words and Phrases、Word Watch、Daily Exercise の中から私自身の復習を目的として、単語やフレーズをを選んでいます。◆の内容は、主に杉田先生やハワードさんの補足を書きとったものですが、気になる箇所がある場合は、ご自身でご確認をお願いいたします。


Lesson 21 Silly Questions, Smart Answers くだらない質問とスマートな答え 

bring up  (話題など)を持ち出す ◆Our boss brought up the subject of budget cut at today's meeting. ◆The subject of budget cuts came up at today's meeting.

There's no such thing as  ~なんてない ◆There's no such thing as a risk free investment. ◆There's no such thing as a free lunch.

force of habit  習慣(からすること)、いつもの癖

take someone back to  (人)に・・・を思い出させる ◆Working with these kids takes me back to my younger days.

discreet  控えめな、慎重な ◆Discretion is the better part of valor. 逃げるが勝ち

a while back  この間、しばらく前に ◆I met Suzan a few years back. ◆He left the company about 3 weeks back.

presentable and respectable-looking  きちんとしていて立派に見える

put off  気分を害す ◆Customers were put off by the new computer's high price.

incredibly rude and disrespectful  極めて失礼な、無礼千万な

be stunned  ぼう然とする、動転する

audacity  ずうずうしさ、厚かましさ

in a class by oneself  他に類がない ◆Paul's in a class by himself as a negotiator. ◆When it comes to being careless, Helen is in a class by herself.

Talk about having no class. なんて下品なんだ。

while we're on the subject of  ・・・が話題になっていますが、・・・の話のついでに ◆While we're on the subject of computers, is anyone going to buy that new tablet computer?

be cornered by  ・・・に追い詰められる、・・・から逃げられなくなる

break away from  ・・・から逃げる、・・・から抜け出す(=)escape, separate ◆She’s helping to break away from accounting and get into marketing. ◆The United States broke away from Great Britain in 18 centuries.

We’ve all been there.  だれにもその経験はある。

windbag  《口》おしゃべりな人

be buttonholed by  《口》・・・に引き止められて長話を聞かされる ◆He buttonholed me as I was heading out for lunch and talked about our new supervisors for 20 minutes.

make a graceful exit  礼儀正しく去る

consummate  完璧な、この上ない

bright  頭のいい ◆My computers all messed up because I had a bright idea of trying to fix it myself.

That’s a tough one.  それは大変[やっかい]だね。 ◆Have a nice one. またね。

take the bull by the horns  難局に敢然と[正面から]立ち向かう ◆She took the bull by the horns and asked for a raise out right.

blunt  無遠慮な、ぶっきらぼうな、直接的な

be labeled  ・・・というレッテルを貼られる、・・・と呼ばれる ◆I don’t want to be labeled as lazy. ◆I don’t want to be labeled as lazy.

drive someone up the wall  《口》(人)を激怒させる

kvetch about  《米》《俗》・・・のことで不平[文句]ばかり言う ◆He’s always kvetching about his work hours. ◆She kvetches every day about how long her commute is.

find fault with  ・・・のあら探しをする、・・・にけちをつける ◆She found fault with everything at the convention, the speeches, the food, the accommodations. ◆at fault 責任がある Police are investigating which driver was at fault in the accident.




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