Lesson 9 Companion Animals
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※ビニェット、Words and Phrases、Word Watch、Daily Exercise の中から私自身の復習を目的として、単語やフレーズをを選んでいます。◆の内容は、杉田先生やハワードさんの補足を書きとったものや、Daily Exercise の例文などです。誤記などお気づきの箇所については、ご自身でご確認をお願いいたします。


Lesson 9 Companion Animals コンパニオン・アニマル

worlds [a world] away  まったくかけ離れている、別世界にいる ◆I had a wonderful time in Hawaii. It felt worlds away from a frantic pace of the city. ◆My new job is worlds away from my last one. The hours and the pay are much better.

contribute one's two cents' worth  《口》自分の意見を述べる ◆Executives have been asked to contribute their two cents.

like clockwork  規則正しく、決まっていつも ◆Jeff invents 200$ in his mutual fund every month like clockwork. ◆The transfer to our new computers went like clockwork. Everything works just fine.

be reflected in  ・・・に反映されている、・・・に表れている ◆The success of company X's new product is reflected in its increased share price. ◆This report reflects her knowledge of experience.

bottom line  (最終的な)収益、最終損益 ◆The company's bottom line shows illustrates the drop in pet population.

go to the dogs  《口》落ちぶれる、落ち目になる ◆This hotel used to be very elegant, but it’s gone to the dogs under its new management. ◆That company’s customer service has gone to the dogs lately.

demographics  人口統計、人口動態

single-person household  単身世帯 ◆The government might announce tax breaks for single-parent households.

scrimp  節約する、生活を切り詰める ◆I scrimp on shoes. I buy just a few basic pairs and wear them everything.

frill  (魅力的だが)余分なのも、むだな飾り(=bells and whistles)

inseparable  切り離せない、離れなれない、とても仲がよい ◆My cellphone
and I are certainly inseparable. ◆Food and travel have always been inseparable.

enrich  豊かにする ◆Travel can enrich our lives. ◆Education enrich our lives too.

take someone as a given  ・・・を当然[当たり前]のことと考える ◆That’s a given. あたり前のこと、議論の余地がない

in the way of  ・・・の点では、・・・としては、・・・に関して ◆Company X
doesn't do much in the way of customer service. ◆He doesn't have much in the way of formal clothes.

autism  自閉症 

take into account  考慮に入れる ◆A job interviewer would take a candidate’s experience into account. They’d also take into account how well they express themselves during an interview.

advise against  ・・・しないようアドバイスする ◆I’d advise against your quitting before you have a new job.

the pluses outweigh the negatives  プラス面がマイナス面より大きい[多い] ◆The risks outweigh the potential rewards from this investment. ◆The benefits of having a car outweigh the cost involves.

be inclined to  ・・・したいと思う ◆I’m inclined to believe stocks will rise this quarter. Consumers were not inclined to spend on luxury items last fiscal year.

be convinced  確信している、きっと・・・だと思う ◆I’m not convinced that David is the best candidate for the job. ◆I’m convinced Nancy is bad-mouthing me to our boss.

latent  隠れた、潜在的な ◆He discovered a latent for public speaking. ◆This trip awakened her latent passion adventure travel.

back in the day  昔は、(私の)若かったころは ◆I remember the first desktop computers back in the day.

think opposite  反対の考えを持っている ◆Expert A predicted consumer spending will rise next quarter, but Expert B thinks the opposite. So expert B thinks it’ll go down.

keep someone company  一緒にいる、そばにいる ◆John kept me company while I was waiting at the veterinarian’s office.

plus  さらに ◆Bill made the best impression of all the job candidates. Plus he has the most experience.

as ・・・shows  ・・・からわかるように、・・・が示すように ◆As this latest mistake shows Frank is unreliable. ◆As this data shows sales have been steadily improving for the last two years.

the jury is still out on  ・・・についてはまだ結論が出ていない ◆The jury is still out on whether electronic devices are harmful for small children.

take a ride  散歩に連れて行く ◆Investors were taken for a ride by the company’s promises of high returns. ◆Voters were taken for a ride by the party’s promises of lower taxes.

be attached to  ・・・に愛着[愛情]を持っている ◆I’m very attached to my books. It’s very hard for me to give them away or sell to the secondhand book stores.

have a high incidence of  発症率 ◆There are the higher incidence of diabetes and heart diseases among people who are obese.

malady  病気 ◆A new study found that Alzheimer is the most expensive malady in the United State.



・実践ビジネス英語 8/7(水)、8/8(木)、8/9(金)、8/21(水)放送分を聞きました。

・実践ビジネス英語 Lesson 9(3)、(4)、(5)を復習しました。

DHC ウィークポイント強化インテンシブコース TEXTBOOK 3 P.72~74 を学習しました。

・フレンズ 「強盗フィービー」 「すれ違う二人」 「間違いだらけの掲示板(BBS)」 「マネー!マネー!!マネー!!!」 「シュガー・ハイ・ジャーニー」 「ジョーイのシークレット・パーティ」 を英語音声で観ました。

フレンズ 〈シーズン1-10〉コンプリート ブルーレイ BOX[初回限定生産] [Blu-ray]フレンズ 〈シーズン1-10〉コンプリート ブルーレイ BOX[初回限定生産] [Blu-ray]
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